World Series Champions to meet with Obama today – not all players happy about it

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Despite reports of quiet grumblings among the players, President Barack Obama will welcome the 2010 World Series Champion San Fransisco Giants to the White House Monday.

“It’ll be very special,” manager Bruce Bochy told the San Franciso Chronicle. “It means you won the World Series the year before. This is part of the deal that goes with it. It’s an honor. I’m certainly looking forward to it.”

Bochy’s happy face has not been a universal in the Giants’ clubhouse. According to San Fransisco news sources, some players are frustrated to have to give up a coveted day off between their red eye flight eastward and the Tuesday kickoff of their three game series with the Philadelphia Phillies. (Humane Society sics Michael Vick on Congress)

The World Champs had been scheduled to meet with the president in April during their series with the Washington Nationals. The White House, however, postponed the visit so that the president could focus on “national affairs.” The country later discovered those affairs were in actuality the smiting of Osama bin Laden.

Nevertheless, this go-around the president will welcome the Giants to the White House to recognize the team not just for their victory but also their good works for the community.

While President Obama usually garners the most attention in any room he enters, the man to watch this afternoon will be Giants closer Brian Wilson, whose eccentricities have made headlines nationwide.

Bochy, however, told the Chronicle that he expects all his men to behave, including Wilson who Bochy says will be leaving his spandex tuxedo at home.

Bochy however, said nothing about Wilson’s orange cleats.


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