New American Crossroads ads target Democratic senators

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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It’s the super-PAC that keeps packing a punch.

American Crossroads has launched another series of TV spots, this time aimed at Democratic Senators in five states.

The new 30-second ad, “Change,” features regular folks decrying unemployment, gouging at the gas pump and food prices before targeting the specific senators who “voted for billions in new taxes and racked up trillions in crushing debt.” Back again is American Crossroads point that President Barack Obama is focusing on “reckless spending.” The ads end with a bit of a catch phrase: We’ve got to take away President Obama’s blank check.

The $1.6 million campaign will run for the next two weeks against Florida’s Bill Nelson; Ohio’s Sherrod Brown; Missouri’s Claire McCaskill; Nebraska’s Ben Nelson; and Montana’s Jon Tester. It comes almost a week after American Crossroads launched a Spanish-language ad and its $1.4 million campaign against 10 Democratic Representatives, all considered vulnerable in the 2012 elections.


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