Rudy took on mobsters, but will he take on Obama?

Nikki Grey Contributor
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Rudy Giuliani is taking on organized crime again, but this time he’s doing it on television. The former New York City mayor will host AMC’s “Mob Week,” a gangster-film marathon running next week.

Giuliani, the former District Attorney who prosecuted several mobsters, will introduce classics like “Scarface” and “The Godfather.”

Though Giuliani recently visited New Hampshire to explore running for president, he dismissed criticism in a recent interview with the New York Post that he is only hosting the movie marathon to attract political support.

“If they had asked me this a year ago, I would have done it,” Giuliani said. “I did it purely because it was a fun thing to do. My wife and I happen to love movies. We go to the movies all the time. These are some of the most powerful movies ever made.”

But if Giuliani does decide to make a presidential run, recent Harris Interactive poll numbers indicate that he stands a better chance of winning than many Republicans who are officially in the race.

The Harris Poll, which surveyed 2,183 adults online between July 11 and 18, 2011, found that 14 percent of Republicans would vote for Giuliani if he runs.

All other candidates, declared or not, fell behind in support — with the exception of Republican frontrunner and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who tied with Giuliani at 14 percent. Sarah Palin, who also remains undeclared, came in third at 12 percent.

According to the same poll, President Obama would lose (by a 53–47 margin) if Giuliani were to run against him.

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