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Oregon Democrat Rep. David Wu tendered his resignation under pressure today after an allegation surfaced that he had an unwanted sexual encounter with a young woman a year ago.

Wu announced his resignation in a statement, but said he will remain in office until the current debt crisis is resolved.

“It has been the greatest privilege of my life to be a United States Congressman,” Wu said in the statement. “Rare is the nation in which an immigrant child can become a national political figure. I thank God and my parents for the privilege of being an American.”

“Now, however, the time has come to hand on the privilege of high office,” Wu continued. “I cannot care for my family the way I wish while serving in Congress and fighting these very serious allegations.”

This is not Wu’s first time at the scandal rodeo. During the 2004 elections, it came to light that he faced allegations of similar unwanted sexual advances with a girl during his time at Stanford.

Then in 2010, former campaign staffers came forward with claims of Wu’s erratic behavior. It was revealed staffers had urged Wu to seek psychiatric help. He also took unprescribed Oxycontin from a campaign donor.

Wu sent staffers bizarre and inappropriate emails and photos, including a picture of Wu in a tiger suit, which has since become a favorite at The Daily Caller.

According to Oregon Secretary of State’s office, the special election to replace Congressman David Wu will cost Oregon taxpayers $400,000.

But while Oregon taxpayers may not be laughing, the Internet had its fair share of fun today with the Wu news. Here are some choice selections from Twitter:

  • Dave Weigel, reporter for Slate: “DC press surveys wreckage from Wu scandal, says ‘Huh, weird,’ goes back to covering debt”
  • Weigel, again: “Wu’s first mistake was not being a Republican senator from Louisiana. Or a Democratic senator from Massachusetts.”
  • Jonah Goldberg from National Review Online: “I say Wu should be allowed to stay for a little while longer, but he has to wear the tiger suit the whole time.”

And of course, the inimitable NMATV, a Taiwanese news service known for producing surreal, computer-animated recaps of current events, weighed in with this video:

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