Limbaugh scolds GOP on debt ceiling negotiations: ‘Just stop presenting the plans’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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There have been multiple iterations of the House Republican plan to resolve the debt-ceiling impasse. Neither President Barack Obama or Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, however, has offered a plan in writing. And that may be to the GOP’s detriment.

On his Wednesday program, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh explained why the GOP tactic of negotiating its own plan is not working. (RELATED: Closed-door meeting erupts as GOP leaders hammer conservative faction)

“Folks, it is real simple and I have mentioned this before — stop presenting a plan. All we are doing is compromising with ourselves. Just stop presenting the plans. Just sit around and say, ‘We will wait for yours.’ Say it to Obama. Say it to Carney, whatever. But we are through.”

This is the Obama strategy, Limbaugh said, and by continuing to offer plans congressional Republicans are playing right into the hands of the opposition. His advice: Stop offering plans.

“[S]o the Democrats are not presenting plans, which is the tactic,” he continued. “And we ought to stop. You know we are — it is pointless. I am sure our leadership thinks that they are gaining points with the American people by behaving morally. ‘We are not going to default. We are going to make sure this country’s credit rating —’” is not downgraded.

“I am sure they think the American people appreciate hearing that. But in the process, they are simply compromising with themselves. Come up with plan A, go up there and Obama says, ‘Nope don’t like it.’ ‘OK, we’ll be back.’ ‘Here’s plan B.’ ‘Nope don’t like it.’ Go back with plan C, Obama says, ‘I like that, but I’m going to add $400 — ’ Nope, OK Republicans walkout. Plan D, plan E, F — goes on and on. What are the Republicans doing, but revising their own plans? Just stop. That is my advice.”