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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Rep. Joe Walsh on the media’s debt ceiling coverage

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The political news media do “a lousy job” covering the big issues of the day, such as the debt ceiling crisis, Illinois Republican Rep. Joe Walsh told The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas.

“It’s almost comical to do a lot of these media interviews last week and this week because everybody is so atwitter about Aug. 2. I’m not,” Walsh said, referring to the deadline when the Treasury Department says America will run out of money to pay its obligations if a debt ceiling increase is not authorized. “I want to get it right. And if it takes another week or two to get it right, I think as a country we’re going to be okay.”

Walsh said the media are focusing on the “horse race” rather than on the deeper issues linked with the nation’s debt problem.

“That’s much too nuance and much too complicated for the media, and unfortunately for too many politicians to wrap their arms around, so we all become obsessed with what’s right in front of our noses,” he said.

Walsh also talked about his recent dust-up with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and how the mass media covers the Tea Party.

“They don’t understand us. They don’t understand the movement,” Walsh said.

Look for the full interview Monday morning at The Daily Caller.