Tea Party Sen. Mike Lee says debt bill not a ‘victory’

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Tea Party hero and Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee says the deal struck over raising the debt limit is not a win for deficit hawks like himself, despite the compromise with Democrats including spending cuts and no tax increases.

“It’s not a victory,” Lee said on Fox News.

“The reason I still don’t support this bill,” Lee said, “is because it doesn’t solve the underlying problem.”

“I said since before I was even sworn into office that this is a permanent problem,” he continued. “It’s a long-term problem and for that we need a long-term solution. The only way we can bind future Congresses to stand by these cuts we are now discussing is through an amendment to the Constitution that will actually restrict permanently Congress’ borrowing authority.”

As for whether the bill will pass, Lee predicted that “it’s going to be close.”

“My gut tells me it’s likely to pass both houses but with slim and somewhat unconventional margins,” Lee said.

Watch debt deal: