What’s the UAW offering?

Mickey Kaus | Columnist

Mickey’s Assignment Desk: The United Autoworkers Union claims it is in confidential discussions with the “vast majority” of U.S. based auto manufacturers–including foreign “transplants”–about representing their non-unionized work forces. What, exactly, does the union have to offer that might benefit these businesses and get them to allow unionization? The UAW’s not going to lower the automakers’ labor costs, after all. You have to wonder if one thing UAW President Bob King tells them is this: if you let us in, you’ll have a friend in the Obama administration (when it comes to negotiating mileage standards, labor practices, environmental compliance, government loans, etc.). Someone should find out! … Of course, a promise of the Obama administration’s protection might not seem that valuable in December of 2012. In fact, it’s getting less valuable with each poll, these days. … It’s harder to sustain corporatism in a democracy. Just when big business gets cozy with Team A, the voters bring in Team B. …

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