‘Ultra-ultra-ultra-conservative’ Coach Ditka praises Palin in profanity laced speech

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Pro Football Hall of Famer Mike Ditka had nothing but praise this weekend for former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin during his Lessons from Leaders keynote address at Five Points Washington in Illinois.

According to the Peoria Journal Star, the former Chicago Bears player and coach started his speech off with colorful praise for Palin, who had sold out the event in April 2010. (TheDC interview: Mike Ditka talks common sense, not nonsense, on the media, feminists and Ines Sainz’s tight jeans)

“I understand Sarah Palin spoke here last year. I admire her,” Ditka said of the former vice presidential candidate. “She’s a great lady, mother and wife, and that’s more important than the (expletive) the media spreads about her.”

Ditka added that in addition to Palin, he also admires Abraham Lincoln because he was a man of principle.

“[H]e never strayed from his convictions, unlike today’s politicians,” he said.

Ditka was a staunch supporter of the McCain-Palin ticket in 2008, even campaigning for the pair.

A self-described “ultra-ultra-ultra-conservative,” back in 2004 Ditka actually considered mounting a U.S. Senate run against Barack Obama, who went on to win the 2008 presidential election.

While some have abandoned Palin, Ditka’s admiration has obviously continued through today.

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