Younger Olsen sister shoots down ‘Sex and the City’ prequel rumors

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Elizabeth Olsen may love HBO series “Sex and the City,” but that doesn’t mean the “Silent House” actress feels she could fit in with the four single New York City women.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, the 22-year-old sister of twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen denied rumors that she will play a younger version of “Sex and the City” lead Carrie Bradshaw in a potential prequel film.

“My friend who loves blogs told me about [the reports] when it was happening and its not real,” Elizabeth told reporters at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Luncheon in southern California over the weekend.

The New York University graduate went on to say she enjoys “Sex and the City” but doesn’t have what it takes to pull off the role.

“I love ‘Sex and the City’ and I would never pretend like I could ever be one of those ladies…No one is as cool as Carrie Bradshaw!” Olsen said.

Olsen said something similar to InStyle.com on Friday, “I’m like the biggest fan of Sex and the City, and that’s why I would never do that!”

Earlier this summer, The Daily Caller interviewed with “Sex and the City” author Candace Bushnell, who came to D.C. to promote the book’s prequel, “Summer and the City.” During the sit-down chat, Bushnell addressed the buzz around possible “Sex and the City” prequel flicks and said she’d be interested in seeing 19-year-old Disney star Selena Gomez portray a young Charlotte York. (‘Sex and the City’ author visits ‘exciting’ D.C., says Selena Gomez could be good fit for prequel films)

“I’m going to get into trouble for this, but I was looking at some pictures of Selena Gomez today and thinking ‘she’d make a really good young Charlotte,’” Bushnell said. “She’s so pretty. I was like…gosh, wouldn’t she be great? Am I right or wrong? I’m not good at this. If I say something like that, then the next thing I know, people are like, no!”

Bushnell’s novels “Summer and the City” and “The Carrie Diaries” track Bradshaw’s teenage, high school, and travel adventures before the fictional character becomes a well-regarded New York City sex columnist.

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