New Pawlenty video before Ames straw poll hits Obama, hints at Bachmann

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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Tim Pawlenty’s returning to his dramatic roots.

The GOP presidential candidate launched a new web video on Tuesday that, like one of his first high-quality productions, has a dramatic flair. The video, “Executive Experience Matters (HD),” features several empty presidential podiums as Barack Obama’s own past promises play in the background. Cue a torrential downpour and suspenseful soundtrack.

The video is aimed at Iowa voters, who will participate in the Ames Straw Poll this Saturday. And while the video takes a clear hit at Obama, it’s also a bit of a slight to fellow Republican Candidate Michele Bachmann. On Meet the Press in July, Pawlenty said Bachmann’s record was”nonexistent,” while the former governor of Minnesota has also been saying he “actually [has] results.” For her part, Bachmann said “I have fought against irresponsible spending while Gov. Pawlenty was leaving a multi-billion-dollar budget mess in Minnesota.”

The Minnesota Representative is leading the polls in Iowa at 26 percent, while Pawlenty comes in at about 8 percent, behind Mitt Romney who is skipping the straw poll.



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