Colbert’s Super PAC launches first TV ad supporting ‘Rick Parry’

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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Funnyman Stephen Colbert has made good on his promise to up the ante with his very real “super” political action committee.

The (entirely legal) Colbert Super PAC launched its first commercial on Wednesday. And as promised, it’s throwing its support to Rick Perry.

Sort of.

The video encourages Iowans participating in Saturday’s Ames Straw Poll to write in “Rick Parry … that’s Parry with an ‘a’ …  for ‘America.'”

“We want you to vote for Rick Perry, too,” says Colbert in the voiceover of what otherwise looks like a classic political ad. “But not their Rick Perry, our Rick Parry.

Colbert’s antics usually seem to walk a line lambasting both the right and left, both of which enjoy the newly established Super PACs. But this new video paints a satirical target on the backs of GrowPAC and Jobs for Iowa, two Super PACs established to promote a Rick Perry presidency.

In June the Federal Elections Commission agreed to let Colbert set up his Super PAC and produce media and promotional materials for it. Super PACs are political organizations that can raise unlimited funds from corporations, individuals and unions. They are not permitted to actively work with candidates they support.


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