Dana Perino on Soros mistress allegations: ‘Not for all the money in the world’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Does everyone have a price, a dollar amount for which she would do anything? Not Fox News contributor and former White House press secretary Dana Perino.

On Thursday’s broadcast of “The Five” on the Fox News Channel, the panelist addressed the allegations from Brazilian soap star Adriana Ferreyr that billionaire George Soros “slapped her across the face and placed his hands around her neck. The incident allegedly occurred in a bid to choke her while they argued about the $1.9-million flat.”

Ferreyr is now suing Soros for $50 million in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan for going back on what she says were two promises he made to buy her an apartment.

Each of the panelist had an opinion on the matter, but were generally of two minds — it was a frivolous suit, but what was a 28-year-old woman doing with an 80-year-old man anyway.

“I think it is frivolous,” Andrew Napolitano said. “It is couched as a serious complaint because there’s papers there showing she hired a decorator. She hired a real estate agent and the apartment was actually designated. I think what George Soros meant was his corporation was going to buy the apartment and he would decide which one of his girlfriends would live there and he didn’t choose her, he chose another one.”

Greg Gutfeld, the host of “Red Eye,” also used the discussion as an opportunity to take a shot at left-wing activist group Media Matters.

“I think he was going to have the staffers at Media Matters live there,” Gutfeld said. “That’s really his true mistress.”

However, Perino made her opinion clear — not for any amount of money.

“All I can think of while getting prepared for this segment — not for all of the money in the world,” Perino said.

Fox News contributor Monica Crowley pointed out the bizarre circumstances surrounding these allegations.

“Dana, I can’t believe you wouldn’t hit that for a billion dollars?” Crowley said. “You know what struck me about this story is apparently the argument that led to the lawsuit happened in bed. They were in a passionate embrace and apparently, according to the story, George Soros whispered in her ear — not sweet nothings but, ‘Honey, I gave the apartment to another woman.’ Generally not a good idea to do in bed. The timing is not good.”

Juan Williams found the age differential curious.

“I must say I agree with you, Dana,” Williams said. “Eighty-years old and she’s in her 20s. Am I right? She’s 28.”