‘Way too early’ Ames debate analysis

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Greetings from South Carolina, where I am attending the RedState Gathering. This is essentially a conference for conservative bloggers, but it has taken on greater significance this year. On Saturday, Texas Governor Rick Perry is expected to make his presidential bid official at the conference.

Every other politician might be focused on Iowa right now, but Perry seems to have chosen South Carolina as the place to launch his campaign. This is not absurd. After all, the state is arguably more important. Sure, Iowa comes first — but plenty of Republicans have lost Iowa on their way to winning the nomination. Meanwhile, South Carolina is the state you historically must win… (Perry will be in Iowa Sunday.)

Perry, of course, won’t ignore Iowa — and neither will I. In fact, I was up at 5:30 am this morning to phone-in to MSNBC’s aptly-named “Way Too Early” program — to talk about last night’s debate in Ames with Jonathan Capehart.

Here’s my take on what went down last night:

Matt K. Lewis