Candidate Rick Perry’s inaugural 2012 video

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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Now that he’s officially in, Rick Perry can do all the things necessary to win the Republican presidential nomination. One of the first things on that list: make a movie.

The Texas governor’s campaign has released an inaugural video introducing Perry to the few primary voters who may never have heard his name before. Like videos from the rest of the GOP field, Perry’s uses the floundering economy and government overspending as a platform from which to launch his presidential aspirations.

“[H]ope is on the horizon,” intones the very serious voice-over. “Not the empty rhetoric of hope, but a record that gives us hope.”

Unlike the other hopefuls who released general, introductory videos, Perry’s first offering clearly aims to appeal to a core Christian-conservative base, saying “America’s job governor’s learned the values of hard work, patriotism and faith in God.”

Perry officially announced his intent to run on Saturday, stealing at least some of the thunder from the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa where the rest of the GOP candidates were jockeying for position. According to the most recent Real Clear Politics average, Perry has already jumped to second place in the polls, about six percentage points behind Mitt Romney and just as much above Michele Bachmann.


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