Taylor Swift’s dress has an on-stage mind of its own

Laura Donovan Contributor

Pop sensation Taylor Swift had to make a quick recovery from embarrassment on Saturday when her dress flew above her waist during a St. Louis performance.

The Huffington Post noted that as the 21-year-old belted out her award-winning hit “You Belong with Me,” a wind machine sent the bottom of her dress up in the air, revealing her tights and panties. The Grammy winner continued with her tune, dancing and twirling her ponytail without regard for the public wardrobe malfunction.

Earlier this month, Swift traveled to the nation’s capital to perform two sold-out shows. After her first D.C. concert, she paid a late night visit to the Lincoln Memorial, making up for the field trip she had missed out on in junior high school. (Taylor Swift goes to Lincoln Memorial)

“It was my first time seeing the Lincoln Memorial up close (missed the school trip in 8th grade cause I had a show),” Swift tweeted.

In July, The Daily Caller reported that seven members of Congress were set to hold fundraisers at Swift’s Washington shows.

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