Boehner steps in the ring to criticize Obama’s bus tour

Amanda Carey Contributor
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Speaker of the House John Boehner added to the Republican criticism of President Barack Obama’s bus tour, Tuesday. In a press release, Boehner sought to highlight the President’s lack of policy proposals, compared to Republicans in Congress.

Specifically, the Speaker criticized the President for taking the trip and offering “no new ideas for creating jobs while ‘on a mission to save his own'”. (RELATED: Obama goes partisan on tour, accuses GOP of throwing American under the bus)

“Republicans have acted on common-sense, pro-growth policies aimed at creating a better environment for job creation,” said Boehner in a statement, pointing to the Plan for America’s Job Creators, Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan, and the Cut, Cap, and Balance plan.

Obama began his three-day bus tour through the Midwest on Monday. It will take him to Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota. The Speaker, however, highlighted the fact that the President did not offer any details on his plan to spur job creation and economic growth.

At an event in St. Paul, MN, Monday, Obama had some harsh words for the GOP presidential candidates.

“I know it’s not election season yet, but I just have to mention the debate,” said Obama, noting that all candidates said they would not raise taxes under any circumstances. “Think about that. That’s just not common sense.”

And according to the Washington Post, “Obama, who arrived in a special black armored bus, didn’t announce any new ideas, but he repeated calls for pairing measures to tame the deficit with efforts to boost the economy.”