Ron Paul releases another faux-movie campaign ad

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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Ron Paul is becoming the Steven Spielberg of the Republican presidential race.

The long-time Texas Representative released another official campaign ad Monday, in the style of a faux-movie trailer. It’s the second in as many months for the libertarian-leaning GOP candidate.

“The One” opens up with the traditional “All Audiences” green screen, before an ominous back story begins:

It’s a story of a lost city. Lost opportunity. Lost hope. A story of … failed leadership. A story of smooth-talking politicians. Games of A story of he said/she said, rhetoric and division.

Coupled with a Don LaFontaine-like voiceover, the video features not just traditional villains like President Barack Obama and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, but also flashes of Mitt Romney and newly introduced candidate Rick Perry. This time, however, The One isn’t Jet Li: It’s Ron Paul.

Standing up to the Washington machine, guided by principle. The one who will stop the spending, save the dollar, create jobs, bring peace. The one who will restore liberty. Ron Paul, the one who can defeat Barack Obama.

“The One” will be a available for limited release, running in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Just last week, Paul was very close to being the one in the Ames Straw Poll, losing out by less than one percent to tea party-favorite Michele Bachmann.


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