Grover Norquist: Bachmann could just be ‘the flavor of the month’

Steven Nelson Associate Editor
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Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist volunteered a guarded assessment of Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann on Friday.

“There’s a possibility that Bachmann’s the flavor of the month,” Norquist told The Hill. “I would be less surprised to see her drop in the polls over the next few weeks [or] months than I would Perry or Romney.”

Norquist, a longtime anti-tax advocate who has not endorsed a candidate, had kinder words for the week-old presidential candidacy of Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Perry “fills this big empty spot” in the Republican primary field, Norquist said.

He predicted that if Perry “doesn’t trip on the way in, it’s him, Romney and Bachmann.” He added: “I think Perry’s in a great position. He’s always spoken to social conservatives by who he is. The economic stuff he can talk about all day, and he doesn’t have to throw up flares.”