Gutfeld: Garofalo prepping for acting role as ‘obnoxious, bitter, lonely, narrow-minded idiot’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Earlier this week on Keith Olbermann’s “Countdown” program on Current TV, comedienne Janeane Garofalo made some disparaging remarks about Herman Cain and the reasons behind his bid for the GOP’s  presidential nomination.

This didn’t go unnoticed. Even Cain’s campaign sent it around in a fundraising plea.

Greg Gutfeld, a co-host of the Fox News Channel’s “The Five” and the host of the late-night show “Red Eye,” offered a unique reaction to Garofalo’s statement.

“Well, some people might say she is a racist because she can’t believe a black man can think for himself,” Gutfeld said on the Friday broadcast of “The Five.” “But I want to defend her and say she is just a skilled method actress. She is actually preparing for a role as obnoxious, bitter, lonely, narrow-minded idiot.”

“Don’t forget paranoid,” Fox News contributor Andrea Tantaros added.

Gutfeld’s co-host Bob Beckel, the lone liberal on “The Five” panel, immediately denounced Garofalo’s comments.

“I suppose I should know her because she is a liberal, right?” Beckel said. “But I want to dissociate myself from this right away. I mean, I would have paid Herman Cain to get him in. The left should have paid to get him in. I mean, what is she kidding me? And by the way, is that woman married?”

Tantaros added that one quality of the liberal  mindset is that when a minority isn’t a Democrat, it threatens the premise behind their ideology.

“[T]his is how liberals think,” she said. “Whenever they see a woman like Sarah Palin or Bachmann or an African-American, or someone they don’t claim — [it] should be a Democrat. It makes them go crazy because they are so deeply threatening to all of their ideals.”