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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: K. Carl Smith

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A black political entrepreneur from Pine Bluff, Ark., K. Carl Smith is helping the tea party change its complexion while trying to bring racial unity to the political arena.

The reformed Democrat began educating Americans about the life and lessons of Frederick Douglass in 2009. With his work, he seeks to break down manufactured racial political barriers.

Smith’s agenda is focused on supporting constitutionally limited government, holding elected officials accountable for defending our liberty, teaching the life-empowering values of Frederick Douglass and promoting a fair political dialogue.

The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas caught up with K. Carl Smith while he was in Washington to discuss the relevance of Frederick Douglass to our politics, why blacks aren’t inclined toward conservatism and why socialism is problematic.

What’s new or different about your efforts to do outreach or education in the political arena?

“It’s not the battle of ideas where we have our problem; it’s the propaganda battle we’re losing.”


What is wrong with socialism from your vantage point?

“It denies us our God-given right for self-rule.”


From your experience, is the tea party movement “racist” as some allege?

“The group of people who don’t want to hear my message are white liberals. They do not like this message.”


Why doesn’t the black community respond positively to the terms “conservative” or “going back to the Constitution?”

“If we do come together, on common accord, we’ll turn this country around.”


Discuss another important issue in the political arena right now

“When I study Douglass’ philosophy, and I match that with President Obama’s philosophy — totally different views. Totally different.”


More on Frederick Douglass from K. Carl Smith

“The lie of the three-fifths clause is still being taught today, and that’s causing racial separation.”


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