New Marshall ads attack Amodei ethics

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Just days before early voting begins in Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District’s special election, Democrat Kate Marshall came out with a new ad Monday attacking the ethics of her opponent, Mark Amodei.

“Mark Amodei’s friends’ attacks on Kate Marshall, forced off the air for being false, flat out lies,” says the announcer in the ad. “The truth? Amodei’s a quote poster child for conflict of interest: Lobbying while a legislator, hiding his unethical financial relationship with a judge, and while Nevada struggles, Amodei votes himself a pay raise. Kate Marshall ended no bid contracts and off the book accounts, saving millions for taxpayers.”

“I’m Kate Marshall and I approved this message,” says Marshall. “I didn’t take a pay raise in Nevada, and I won’t take one in Washington.”

“Desperate candidates like Kate Marshall make false and reckless attacks when they know they’re going to lose,” said Amodei’s communications director Peter DeMarco, who said the accusations in the ad were not accurate.

The two candidates will face off in the second debate of the race Monday evening on “Face to Face” with Jon Ralston.

A poll released Friday found Amodei leading Marshall by 13 points in the heavily Republican district. But a Public Policy Polling poll conducted for the Daily Kos to be released tomorrow will reportedly show just a one-point split — according to a tweet from Markos Moulitas.

See the ad here: