Romney expresses horror at Biden’s one-child policy comments

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Vice President Joe Biden made waves among pro-lifers and human rights activists Sunday for comments he made during an appearance at Sichuan University in Chengdu, China. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney joined the chorus of outrage on Tuesday.

In a lengthy response to a question about America’s deficits and financial strength, Biden said that he would not be “second-guessing” China’s one-child policy, which has met the disapproval of human rights groups world-wide.

Romney expressed his horror at Biden’s comments.

“China’s one-child policy is gruesome and barbaric,” Romney said in a statement. “Vice President Biden’s acquiescence to such a policy should shock the conscience of every American.

“Instead of condoning the policy, Vice President Biden should have condemned it in the strongest possible terms. There can be no defense of a government that engages in compulsory sterilization and forced abortions in the name of population control.” (RELATED: Pro-lifers angered Biden ‘not second-guessing’ China’s one-child policy)

According to a nationwide Gallup poll of registered voters released Monday, if the election were held today Romney would defeat Obama 48 to 46 percent.

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