Boehner to Biden: Back up one-child policy clarification with actions

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While Republican House Speaker John Boehner welcomed the Obama administration’s clarification that Vice President Joe Biden opposes China’s one-child policy, he responded with two demands Wednesday.

First, Biden must publicly state his opposition. Second, President Barack Obama must end America’s contributions to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which critics have pointed to as a collaborator in the implementation of the Chinese policy.

“Until the administration takes these actions, the clarification issued by the Vice President’s spokesman Tuesday will ring hollow,” Boehner’s press office wrote in a blog post.

Biden came under fire for comments he made Sunday during an appearance at Sichuan University in Chengdu, China, in which he said he would “not second-guess” the nation’s one-child policy.

According to Boehner, Biden’s comments gave the appearance of approval and it is incumbent upon the vice president to reject the policy outright.

“It is reasonable for the leaders of China’s government to assume that when the Vice President of the United States speaks in an official setting on an official trip overseas, he speaks for the Obama Administration and the government of the United States,” Boehner’s office wrote. “If the Obama Administration truly opposes the one-child policy and truly cares about undoing the damage the Vice President’s comments have caused, the Vice President himself — or his boss, the President of the United States — should personally go on record immediately and unequivocally right the wrong.”

Boehner also pointed out that contributions to the UNFPA ceased under President George W. Bush, but when Obama took office, the funding started up again. (RELATED: Obama administration attempts to clarify Biden’s one-child policy comments)

“[I]f the Obama administration is serious about its opposition to the one-child policy, the President should immediately halt U.S. contributions to the U.N. Population Fund, which has been linked in China to the one-child policy,” his office wrote.

Boehner fears that until his demands are met, China will see America as being fine with the Chinese one-child policy.

“By issuing a clarification through a spokesman, the White House has checked a political box on this side of the Pacific,” Boehner’s office wrote. “Now the President and Vice President will show the world where their administration really stands by their actions.”

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