Nevada congressional campaign mistakenly leaves strategic note in press release

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Nevadans watching the special election in the state’s 2nd Congressional District saw some of the political strategy behind Democratic candidate Kate Marshall’s campaign Wednesday, when an internal comment was mistakenly left in a statement emailed out.

As the Las Vegas Sun’s Jon Ralston first reported, Marshall issued a statement of “Support for Israel as Violence Escalates.” The statement described the recent increase in violence in Israel and expressed sympathy for the families and friends of the dead. It also called on Egypt to police its borders to prevent terrorists from entering Israel that way.

“I am proud to consider Israel a friend and I reiterate my unwavering support for its fundamental right to exist and the absolute necessity for Israel to secure its people from outside threats. I stand ready and willing to assist Israel in defending itself against all acts of terrorism,” the statement reads.

Lest the reader wonder why Marshall was issuing such a statement, the campaign unintentionally provided a helpful explanation:

“Background: Israel has been in the news lately, and will be even more in the news with [Glenn] Beck’s ‘Rally to Restore Courage’ in Jerusalem. In an R district, it will be useful to express support for Israel and demonstrate some foreign policy prowess while it is a timely topic — especially for people who are likely paying attention to Beck’s event.”

“It was an internal comment left by mistake,” explained James Hallinan, Marshall’s communications director. (RELATED: New Marshall ads attacks Amodei ethics)

Marshall faces Republican candidate Mark Amodei, independent candidate Helm Lehmann and Independent American Party candidate Tim Fasano in the election to be held September 13. Early voting begins Saturday.