Dick Cheney in book: I used the Jonas Brothers to impress my grandkids

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Being a grandchild of the vice president of the United States has its perks, Dick Cheney recounts in his soon-to-be released autobiography.

Along with more serious accounts of his time in office, the Republican who served under former President George W. Bush discusses a lighter moment in his book about how he was able to setup a meeting for his granddaughters with the teen heart-throb Jonas Brothers in 2008.

A source provided The Daily Caller with the passage from Cheney’s “In My Time.”

Cheney wrote that his daughter, Liz, called him up one day for a favor: “Do you think you could request a meeting with the Jonas Brothers tomorrow?”

The no-nonsense former vice president responded: “The who?”

Cheney wrote that “She explained that a musical group called the Jonas Brothers was filming a public service announcement at the White House. Her three daughters, who were big Jonas Brothers fans, had heard about the taping and asked if they could come watch. Liz had called a friend in the First Lady’s office, but was told it was a closed set. That’s why she was calling me.”

Cheney said his daughter then told him that “If you get your granddaughters a meeting with the Jonas Brothers, they’ll think you’re the coolest grandfather in history.” (RELATED: Cheney tells inside story of how he bucked administration on 2nd Amendment)

He acknowledged hat he was “frankly unsure what I was getting myself into,” but “if it would make my granddaughters happy, I was willing to give it a shot.”

Cheney called his assistant and instructed her to setup the meeting. He also told her that “I’m going to need some bios.” It worked, and Cheney wrote that his “delighted granddaughters helped me show the Jonas Brothers and their family the West Wing.”

And how did the then-vice president feel about the brothers?

“They were impressive and polite young men, who hid well whatever surprise they might have felt at hearing that Dick Cheney wanted to see them.”