Krauthammer: ‘Huntsman is a liberal’s idea of what a Republican ought to be’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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He may be only hovering around 1 percent in the latest Gallup poll, but former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman and emerged as something of a media darling in this election cycle.

But on Thursday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer explained that 1 percent Huntsman is getting from “Republicans and Republican-leaning independents” isn’t going to cut it.

“It’s an axiom that the mainstream media is liberal,” Krauthammer said. “Huntsman is a liberal’s idea of what a Republican ought to be. He is a moderate in the race. He is at 1 percent. I suspect anyone at 1 percent argues that numbers don’t matter, but of course they do. He will have to emerge or not be around.”

Krauthammer admitted he was impressed with Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s candidacy, which has managed to hit the vulnerabilities of the Mitt Romney campaign.

“I think what is interesting about the Perry angle is that he is exposing what was always the fundamental weakness of the Romney campaign,” he continued. “He doesn’t excite the base and he has this insoluble problem with healthcare. Up until now no one pushed on that button. Perry is doing it. Romney doesn’t have to come out swinging and attacking. He is not good at that. When he tried it in 2008 against McCain, it doesn’t work well. But he has to find a defense on RomneyCare or he will be pummeled by Perry on this incessantly. I think that is his key strategic requirement now.”