George Will: Obama ultimately blames ‘James Madison for giving us separation of powers’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Washington Post columnist George Will pinpointed Sunday what he views as the reason for President Obama’s plummeting approval rating: his failure to demonstrate leadership.

“This president has blamed George W. Bush, the Japanese tsunami, the euro, Greece, the Arab Spring, the Republicans, the tea party and ultimately James Madison for giving us separation of powers for all his problems,” Will said on ABC’s “This Week.” “And that does not project leadership.”

Former Clinton adviser Donna Brazile chimed in to say that Obama needs to be more “assertive” in the coming weeks. (RELATED: George Will declares: There is no Republican ‘establishment’)

“George is in rare form today,” Brazile said. “I thought you were going to mention the media, you forgot that one. The truth is the president slipped in large part because he’s lost some Democrats. If you look at polls, he’s lost five points among Democrats, one point with independents and two with Republicans. So it’s clear the president needs to assert himself in these coming weeks, especially when Republicans come back to deal with the job creation and the super committee.”