Michele Bachmann subject of doctored video

Amanda Carey Contributor
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Ever a magnet for controversy, Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann is once again the subject of a vicious rumor. A doctored video surfaced this week that appears to show Bachmann asking an audience, “Who likes white people?”

Accusations of racism followed, as blogs and websites including Wonkette used the video as evidence of Bachmann’s supposedly extreme views.

Alice Stewart, a spokesperson for Bachmann’s presidential campaign, explained to The Daily Caller: “She said, ‘Who likes wet people?’ It was pouring down rain that night.”

A Yahoo! News report also laid the rumor to rest by pointing out that when Bachmann seized the microphone on stage, her audience was soaking wet and as a way to lighten the mood, she jokingly asked, “Who likes wet people?” Immediately after, Bachmann said, “Yeah, that’s right. Because we have the God of the winds and the rain don’t we?”  That phrase was not included in the doctored video.

The comments were made at the Midwest Spirit Christian Music Festival on August 5 in West Des Moines, Iowa. Bachmann gave a speech about her Christian faith.

The edited video:

The actual video:

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