Cheney dubious on Palin’s political future

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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It was just three years ago that Americans in 49 states were first introduced to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, when Arizona Sen. John McCain announced that she would be his 2008  presidential running mate.

Would Palin have had what it takes to be vice president if McCain had won? Former Vice President Dick Cheney isn’t quite willing to say that.

Friday on Laura Ingraham’s radio program, Cheney explained the characteristics required of a vice president. His emphasis: Thick skin.

“You need the capacity to turn on the tube every night and watch the late night comedians make you the punch line, tell a lot of jokes, it goes with the turf and I’m not above telling a few of those stories myself,” Cheney said. “But the fact of the matter is you really do need to have the capacity to do what you think is right, to offer the advice you think the president of the country needs, you have to remember you are not in charge of anything, you don’t run anything as vice president.”

Cheney added that there remain unanswered questions about Palin, particularly pertaining to her resignation halfway through her first term as Alaska’s governor.

“Well, I’ve never gotten around the question of her having left the governorship of Alaska mid-term,” Cheney said. “I’ve never heard that adequately explained so that I could understand why, how she decided in her first term to step down and still be — I’d like to know more about that.”

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