‘Cast Away’ actor Nick Searcy jumps on Herman Cain Train

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain has welcomed “Justified” television series star Nick Searcy onto the Cain Train.

The 52-year-old, who has appeared in major motion pictures such as “The Last Song” and “The Ugly Truth,” made a parody video for Cain that features the actor pretending to be on the set of a western flick. Making use of his southern accent, Searcy portrays a cowboy during the faux scene and proceeds to speak to the camera about Cain’s qualifications.

“I’ve played a lot of tough guys in movies over the years, but you know what? Looking cool and saying lines that somebody else wrote for me doesn’t make me a real tough guy any more than looking cool and reading lines off the teleprompter that somebody else wrote makes a community organizer a real leader,” Searcy says, alluding to President Barack Obama.

The North Carolinian goes on to emphasize the realness of Cain, a former Godfather’s Pizza CEO.

“But Herman Cain is a real leader. He’s accomplished real things in the real world … Created real businesses that provided real jobs for real people. In 2012, let’s get real for a change, people. Take a real look at Herman Cain. I think you’ll like what you see. Kind of like when you watch one of my films,” Searcy says, wrapping his lips around a blue straw.

Searcy continues that the time has come to address real issues.

“This upcoming election is too crucial for us to get distracted by silly things like line readings and empty phrases like hope and change,” Searcy says before returning to the fake movie set.

“I stand with Herman Cain because Herman Cain stands with us,” Searcy says with western music on in the background.

Cain promoted the video Tuesday with the tweet, “Honored to receive the endorsement of “Justified” star Nick Searcy,” which links to the YouTube clip of Searcy.

Though on a different level than “Cast Away” co-star Tom Hanks, Searcy has acted in many well-known shows and movies like “The West Wing,” “Army Wives,” and “Runaway Jury.”

Watch: Searcy’s video for Cain

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