New Kate Marshall ad attacks Amodei on all fronts in week before special election

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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One week before voting begins in Nevada’s special election, Democratic candidate Kate Marshall is out with a new ad attacking her Republican opponent Mark Amodei on everything from his position on Medicare to his controversial business relationship with the judge who decided the rules for the special election.

“Mark Amodei: end Medicare, tax breaks to millionaires,” says an announcer in the ad entitled “Work for Them.”

“I think that’s excellent,” says Amodei in a clip.

“Mark Amodei voted himself a pay raise,” continues the announcer. “Amodei abused power for personal gains.”

“Judge me by what I do,” says Amodei in a clip.

“Millionaires, end Medicare: Mark Amodei,” says the echoing voice of the announcer.

“When you work for government you are there for the people. You work for them,” chimes in Marshall. “They pay you with their tax dollars. You should never abuse that. My job is to make sure that we have our middle class. I’m Kate Marshall and I approve this message. I didn’t take a pay raise in Nevada and I won’t take one in Washington.”

The ad will begin airing on Wednesday on Television in the Reno market. (RELATED: Ensign’s PAC donated $5,000 to Amodei in last week of early voting)

In a statement on the ad, Marshall doubles down, saying, “Mark Amodei has repeatedly abused his power while in office at the expense of Nevada taxpayers and has lost his credibility with voters.”

“His conflicts of interest and support for the [Rep. Paul] Ryan plan to end Medicare and support for tax subsidies for millionaires and big corporations are dangerous for Nevada,” Marshall continues. “Nevadans don’t want a representative who abuses power and their tax dollars, they want an ethical congressperson who will work to create jobs and protect our seniors’ Medicare and Social Security.”

The conflict of interest comment is in reference to Amodei’s business partnership with Judge Todd Russell, the District Court judge who overturned the secretary of state’s decision on the rules of Nevada’s first ever special election by ruling in favor of the Nevada Republican Party.

The decision on the procedure of the election was seen to greatly help the chances of the Republican nominee. Russell and Amodei own a mining claim together and are former law partners. That was not disclosed before Russell heard the case on the election rules.

“Clearly Kate Marshall realizes that her campaign is imploding,” said Amodei’s communications director Peter DeMarco. “She continues to focus her negative campaign around the same, tired MediScare tactics – which have not only been proven to be untrue but for which she was excoriated in a recent editorial. It’s too bad she doesn’t appear to have any dignity and try to say anything positive – she’s lost her liberal base by trying to be a conservative, and conservative voters aren’t buying what she’s trying to sell them.”

Early voting began on August 27. Election day is September 13.