Mark Levin takes on Palin critics Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Earlier this week, conservative columnist and author Ann Coulter raised eyebrows by criticizing former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her supporters for not committing to the 2012 presidential election. The comments were broadcast on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor” with guest host Laura Ingraham and, it seems, Coulter incurred the wrath of conservative radio host Mark Levin as a result.

On his Wednesday radio program, Levin fired back at Coulter, Ingraham and others for the attacks on Palin, as well as Texas Gov. Rick Perry. According to Levin, Coulter and Ingraham were “trashing” Palin. Meanwhile, Coulter is pushing for the candidacy of Chris Christie — the New Jersey governor who insists he won’t run. Levin has long been a vocal critic of Christie. (h/t Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics Video)

“There’s [Ingraham] trashing Sarah Palin with our dear friend Ann Coulter, who just loves Chris Christie,” Levin said. “Oh my goodness, adores him because Chris Christie is such a solid conservative, isn’t he? Saying that Sarah Palin is the ‘Obama of the tea party.’ Really? What the hell does that mean? You wouldn’t say that about any Republican, frankly. ‘But she has to make up her mind to get in or get out.’ Meanwhile, she’s craving for Chris Christie, who says he’s not going to get in. But she keeps telling him to get in.”

“What’s the problem with Palin? ‘Oh she can’t tell us whether she is going to get in or out,’” Levin said. “Who do we hear that from? A cheerleader for Chris Christie … who says he’s not going to get in but his supporter keeps telling him to get in.”