Perry on Obama speech: America needs ‘a president with the courage to offer more than yet another speech’

Caroline May | Reporter

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the current Republican presidential frontrunner, responded to President Barack Obama’s address to Congress Thursday night in less than favorable terms.

“President Obama’s call for nearly a half-trillion dollars in more government stimulus when America has more than $14 trillion in debt is guided by his mistaken belief that we can spend our way to prosperity,” said Perry.

Perry added that the president’s proposal will mirror his failed 2009 stimulus program in its ineffectiveness.

“Like the president’s earlier $800 billion stimulus program, this proposal offers little hope for millions of Americans who have lost jobs on his watch, and taxpayers who are rightly concerned that their children will inherit a mountain of debt,” Perry said.

He concluded that what the country really needs are conservative principles and a new president.

“America needs jobs, smaller government, less spending and a president with the courage to offer more than yet another speech,” Perry said.

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