The fashion police are after the first lady…again!

Laura Donovan Contributor
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German fashion powerhouse Karl Lagerfeld likes Michelle Obama, but, he says, her style just isn’t up to par.

In a recent interview with USA Today, the Chanel designer echoed “Sex and the City” stylist Patricia Field in saying that Ms. Obama’s fashion picks could use some help.

“I love Madame Obama, but not in terms of clothes,” Lagerfeld told the publication.

Luckily for Ms. Obama, Lagerfeld complimented the first lady’s “strong” face.

“I like her face, the cleverness of her face. Her face is stronger than the clothes,” Lagerfeld said.

Lagerfeld is certainly not the first fashion big name to speak out against Ms. Obama’s attire. Earlier this year, Oscar de la Renta voiced confusion and dissent over the first lady’s China state dinner dress pick. (MORE: Oscar de la Renta unhappy with Michelle Obama’s state dinner dress choice)

The Dominican designer told Women’s Wear Daily that he couldn’t understand why the first lady wore a red gown made by British designer Sarah Burton for a meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao. De la Renta seemed to think that selecting an American dress would have been a better way to encourage Chinese-American trade.

“My understanding is that the visit was to promote American-Chinese trade — American products in China and Chinese products in America,” De la Renta said. “Why do you wear European clothes?”

Last month, Field said Ms. Obama is on the right style track but has room for improvement.

“Someone in the public eye who I would like to work with is Michelle Obama,” Field told the Daily Mail. “Not because she always gets it wrong, because she gets it right. She dresses very nicely, I respect her look, but when it comes to her special occasion clothes, I might be able to help her a bit, out of respect to her.”

Ms. Obama made Vanity Fair’s 2011 International Best-Dressed list and has been considered by many as a fashion icon since her husband assumed presidency in 2009. From J. Crew to Alexander McQueen, the first lady is known for donning a myriad of designers.

“Mrs. Obama is, first of all, very elegant and has wonderful taste,” Bloomingdale’s fashion director Stephanie Solomon told the New York Times. “But she also recognizes the value of beautiful dresses and not big prices. She dresses like taste doesn’t necessarily have to do with brand or status, but with what looks well on your body and makes you look glamorous, bottom line….[and that is] very refreshing and appropriate for this period.”

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