Trump special counsel: Weprin campaign misrepresented protest

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Following reports by Democrat David Weprin’s campaign that he and others had protested Donald Trump’s endorsement of his opponent, Republican Bob Turner, in the special election to replace disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner, Trump’s special counsel Michael D. Cohen called to dispute both the basis of the protest and the representation of the event by the Weprin campaign.

Cohen, who also serves as executive vice president of the Trump organization and was the man behind Trump’s brief foray into the presidential race, contends that the Weprin campaign is misrepresenting the event.

“The press release issued by Weprin for Congress is completely inaccurate,” he emailed.

Weprin’s campaign press release says, “Trump has endorsed Turner because he supports tax breaks for multi-million dollar developers and corporations like the Trump Organization.”

“No wonder Donald Trump is afraid of me,” said Weprin in the release. “He knows I’m going to push to make him and his corporate cronies pay their fair share of taxes. That’s why Trump and Bob Turner are hard at work on plans to squeeze the middle class while protecting tax loopholes for the megarich.”

In fact, Cohen emailed, Trump’s endorsement was a result of Turner being proactive.

“Bob Turner requested a meeting with Mr. Trump seeking his advice on creating jobs in Brooklyn and Queens. David Weprin did no such thing,” said Cohen. (RELATED: DCCC removes footage of plane flying low over Manhattan skyline from ad attacking Turner)

Further, he noted, “Mr. Trump has been very clear that he does not support tax breaks for oil companies and others who receive not only tax breaks but tax incentives.”

“The protesters (who numbered less than 20, and lasted approximately ten minutes) are, in essence, protesting a potential candidate who is out there looking for innovative solutions to help employ them, their family and friends. This truly makes no sense to me,” Cohen concluded.

In conclusion, he pointed out that the press release is factually inaccurate: Trump is not a millionaire; he is a mega-billionaire.