Overload: Al Gore spearheads 24-hour global warming campaign

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He’s baaack! This week former Vice President Al Gore will be the face of a 24 hour campaign to convert global warming skeptics and spur people to action for the environment.

“What can change in a day? Everything,” proclaims Gore’s Climate Reality website. According to Gore the 24 hour event set for September 14th will bring the climate deniers to reality and the truth of global warming to cities and towns across the globe.

In a video promotion for the September 14th climate change push, Al Gore explains how in just one day crisis can occur. (RELATED: Texas company blames EPA regulations in layoff of 500 workers)

“What can change in a day?” Gore asks in the video. “A street can become a river, a mountain can become a mudslide, a forest can become kindling. Across the globe, cataclysmic weather events are occurring with such regularity that it is being called a ‘new normal.’ But there is nothing normal about it and there is something else that lies destroyed amid the rubble — the truth about climate change. Big oil and big coal are spending big money to spread doubt about about climate change.”

According to Gore, on September 14th oil and coal companies will be exposed and the truth about man-made global warming will be revealed, ending any doubt.

“Climate change is not your fault. The climate crisis is our problem and real solutions can come when we address it together,” said Gore, adding that while deniers have money and influence, he has “reality.”


The group is calling on supporters to use social media to spread the word and donate to the cause.

Reuters noted Monday that concern about climate change has fallen from 62 percent in 2007 to 48 percent this August.

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