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Unless Al Gore caps it off by singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone,’ why bother?

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President of the Environment Al Gore is an increasingly desperate man. Which is fun to watch. But even the most Earth-destroying, science-hating teabagger couldn’t have hoped for this development. Reuters:

Former Vice President Al Gore will renew his 30-year campaign to convince skeptics of the link between climate change and extreme weather events this week in a 24-hour global multi-media event.

“24 Hours of Reality” will broadcast a presentation by Al Gore every hour for 24 hours across 24 different time zones from Wednesday to Thursday, with the aim of convincing climate change deniers and driving action against global warming among households, schools and businesses.

Presumably this will be on Current TV. So I’m not sure how it’s supposed to convince anyone but Current TV watchers, the existence of whom has yet to be proven by science.

The campaign also asks people to hand over control of their social networking accounts on Facebook and Twitter to it for 24 hours to deliver Gore’s message.

There you go, that’s the way to do it. “I used to think Al Gore was a jerk… until I saw that post on Uncle Steve’s Facebook!”

Al Gore seems to think his message hasn’t taken hold because he hasn’t said it often enough, or loudly enough. Just the opposite, Al. The science is settled: You are your own worst enemy.

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Jim Treacher