The night Jon Huntsman became the voice of my generation

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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I don’t normally get too cozy with presidential candidates, because, you know, it makes it harder to later criticize them (when appropriate). But I have decided to make an exception in the case of Jon Huntsman.

Mr. Huntsman, you had me at “Kurt.”

By referencing the late Nirvana singer and generation X icon Kurt Cobain, Huntsman has become the voice of my generation.

Finally! — a political leader gets me.

I can only imagine this must have been what it felt like to all those aging hippies when Bill Clinton was finally elected president in 1992 (coincidentally, the year Nevermind hit number 1 on Billboard).

Like those hippies who kept waiting for the so-called Greatest Generation to finally get out of the way — I have indeed waited a long time for this day. I never stopped thinking about tomorrow — and now tomorrow has finally arrived!

As an influential member of the media, I can now look forward to covering all eight years of the Huntsman presidency. This will presumably afford us time appropriately discuss the entire Chuck Klosterman oeuvre (which I assume he has read), and to finally debate once and for all whether Larry Bird really was better than Magic Johnson

It would also be really cool to watch “Reservior Dogs” at least once together.

(Call me.)

Matt K. Lewis