Steyn on White House’s ‘Attack Watch’: ‘It’s real pansy-boy stuff’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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The Obama campaign’s creation of an “Attack Watch” website has become something of joke since its launch this week, but and National Review columnist Mark Steyn says it reveals something crucial about the Obama campaign’s character.

On Hugh Hewitt’s radio show Wednesday, Steyn called the entire effort “juvenile.”

“I suppose if in many parts of the world,” Steyn explained, “but in particular if, like me, you’re a foreigner, you’re an immigrant to this great land, when the head of state decides to single you out for attraction, for mention on his enemies list, you ought to be worried about it. But I think this is a joke.

“I think this … there’s nothing that comes of this. They don’t even have the guts, by the way — and this is why you know it’s real pansy-boy stuff — they don’t even have the guts to link to your original ‘smear.’”

Steyn did find one bright spot in “AttackWatch”: It’s a way to promote his new book, “After America: Get Ready for Armageddon.”

“I hope that, you know, I don’t care, really, where it gets to on The New York Times list,” he added. “But if it were to get to, like, top five on the Obama enemies list, I’d be thrilled.”


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