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Anthony Weiner was always ready for a cavity search

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It seemed like the Anthony Weiner saga went on forever, didn’t it? But it turns out that when he left office, it happened so fast he didn’t even have time to gather up his toiletries!

From the paper of Weiner record, the New York Post:

Newly sworn-in Republican Rep. Bob Turner’s family ordered a thorough cleaning of the House office space he inherited from his disgraced predecessor, Anthony Weiner, after finding an old “Anthony” toothbrush in the bathroom.

The discovery of Weiner toiletries grossed out the newcomers, who requested that the congressman’s bathroom in Office 2104 of the Rayburn building be sanitized, sources said…

Turner’s wife, Peggy, a registered nurse, personally requested that congressional cleaners be brought in to scrub the bathroom, the insider said.

There also was talk of replacing the carpeting and Weiner’s office chair, the insider said.

Good call. They might just want to strip the place floor-to-ceiling and burn everything. I would pay money to see somebody run a UV light over that office. Must look like a Jackson Pollock painting.

There’s probably a joke there about toothbrushes and self-pics, too, but my mom reads this.

P.S. Turner also said: “I do have a Twitter account. But I will use it fully clothed.” That’s worth a follow right there. @Bobturner9th, everybody.

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