Was Bachmann Airbrushed?

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Fox Is Now At War With Michele Bachmann. Fox Has Always Been At War With Michele Bachmann: Walter Shapiro watched 50 hours of Fox News  for 9 days at the end of August. He pretends this was an ordeal though I suspect he probably enjoyed it. But he discovered something–Michele Bachman got “airbrush[ed] out of the picture” on Fox long before she began to decline in the polls:

Without a major gaffe or gotcha moment, Bachmann was almost entirely absent, like a Red Army general excised from the Great Soviet Encyclopedia after being purged by Joseph Stalin. She was almost never pictured on screen, even though she was on a four-day campaign swing through Florida.

Meanwhile, FNC promoted and defended new entrant Rick Perry. It’s almost as if Fox personalities took orders from a single, central Machiavellian figure! … P.S.: Though the Great Perry Push does somewhat undercut the theory that Fox chief Roger Ailes is heavily influenced by Karl Rove and the Bush family. …

Mickey Kaus