George Will on the tea party: ‘They are the establishment today’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Many have suggested there is a schism within the Republican Party between the tea-party wing and the so-called GOP establishment. Has the tea party taken over the Republican Party?

Sunday morning on ABC’s “This Week,” syndicated columnist George Will explained — as he has before — that there is no Republican establishment anymore. But this time he had a slightly different take.

“There is no Republican establishment,” Will said. “Its newspaper died, the Herald-Tribune in New York in 1966, and it died too … Google the Republican establishment and you’ll get 20 million hits. Google the Loch Ness monster and you’ll get a whole bunch. “

Then Will said something surprising.

“They are the establishment today if there is such a thing,” he declared. “The Republican establishment died at the Cow Palace in San Francisco in 1964 when Goldwater was nominated against their frenzied wishes.”

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Jeff Poor