FreedomWorks to launch Super PAC

Amanda Carey Contributor
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FreedomWorks, a bellwether tea party organization, will join the growing list of advocacy groups to launch a Super PAC, it announced Tuesday. The official launch of FreedomWorks for America (FWFA) will take place at the Florida CPAC convention later this week.

The goal, according to a press release, is to “empower the leaderless, decentralized community of the tea party movement as it continues its hostile takeover of the GOP establishment.”

The Super PAC will fund door-to-door voter outreach and funds will be focused solely on trying to replicate efforts in 2010 that won back the House of Representatives for the GOP.

FWFA will also feature a website with an interactive platform that facilitates mobilization among activists. The site will also feature candidate profiles, endorsements, and rankings for each candidate on specific issues.

“The objective of FreedomWorks for America in 2012 is not about turning blue states red, but rather to turn every state a bright shade of Gadsden yellow,” said the group’s president, Matt Kibbe

Super PACs are legally able to raise unlimited amounts of money from individuals, corporations, and other groups.

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