Bachmann-aligned Super PAC attacks Perry for ‘crony capitalism’

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Despite facing questions and ridicule for some of her claims about Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s Gardasil executive order, the Super PAC backing Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann is releasing a new ad that hammers Perry for the HPV vaccine mandate.

The ad, sponsored by Keep Conservatives United and set to begin airing on Fox News in Iowa on Thursday, steers clear of Bachmann’s recent, false allegation that the vaccine causes mental retardation.

Instead, the 30-second television spot hits Perry for “crony capitalism” and attempts to raise questions about his ethics.

“Rick Perry says his vaccine mandate on young girls was about cancer,” the voice in the ad says, cutting to a clip of Perry at the Sept. 12 CNN/Tea Party debate. “Only doctors opposed Perry for safety reasons and the pro-family Texas Eagle Forum said it was all about the money,” the ad charges.

“Now the question is about Rick Perry’s character,” the ad’s narrator proclaims in a sinister tone.


Bachmann has taken a number of shots at Perry for his implementation of the vaccine order. While Perry has admitted making a mistake, Bachmann’s attacks have continued unabated. (RELATED: Immigration hawks: Hit Perry on his record)

Bachmann gone so far as to associate Perry with President Obama’s health care overhaul by referring to the mandate, which the state legislature quickly overturned, as “Perrycare.”

Keep Conservatives United is unaffiliated with the Bachmann campaign but has been an active advocate for the congresswoman, running ads and campaigning on her behalf.

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