Hotel hosting Ahmadinejad in NYC lambasted by activists

Steven Nelson Associate Editor
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United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) has temporarily re-located its headquarters to the Warwick Hotel in New York City, the same hotel that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is staying at this week.

Ahmadinejad is in town for this year’s opening session of the United Nations General Assembly. He is scheduled to address the General Assembly on Thursday.

UANI is using the Iranian leader’s visit as an opportunity to advertise the dismal human rights record of the Islamic Republic, as well as advocate against the country’s nuclear program.

Bicyclists with placards are circling the block around the Warwick Hotel and UANI members are passing out fliers that state, “AS WE REMEMBER 9/11 TEN YEARS LATER, AL QAEDA’S SILENT PARTNER COMES TO THE WARWICK HOTEL.”

The group’s executive director, David Ibsen, said in a press release, “The Warwick Hotel made a completely irresponsible decision to host Ahmadinejad, and the people of New York are angry about it.” Citizens upset by the visit should contact the hotel, he said.

Iran’s relationship with al-Qaida is evident, the group alleges, because operative Saif al-Adel has reportedly been living undisturbed in Iran.

Members of the group will attempt to deliver their petition to Ahmadinejad. UANI member Nathan Carleton told The Daily Caller that on Wednesday activists “will actually logistically do what we can to ‘deliver’ it to him.”

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