TheDC’s fantasy draft for D.C.’s St. Pauli Girl [SLIDESHOW]

Michael Watson Contributor
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Football season is just two weeks old, so millions of men will spend the next three months crouched in front of the computer playing fantasy football. Many will emerge from their NFL-licensed hobbit holes in December and realize that their wives and girlfriends have disappeared along with their league playoff slots.

At TheDC, we believe if playing fantasy sports puts us in the market for new mates, we should at least choose aesthetically pleasing ones. We’ve settled on playing a fantasy version of D.C.’s-pick-the-St.-Pauli-Girl, presented by the Biergarten Haus bar.

Even better, since we’re the only team and we make the rules, we can pick whomever we want. So click and see TheDC’s fantasy draft for D.C.’s St. Pauli Girl contest.


Michael Watson