Buchanan blasts Obama’s jobs speech: ‘It’s a Pearl Harbor attack on the Republicans

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Have the chances of a compromise on a potential jobs bill in the spirit of bipartisanship greatly diminished after President Barack Obama went on the offensive promoting his jobs bill? According Pat Buchanan they have.

In an appearance on this weekend’s broadcast of “The McLaughlin Group,” the MSNBC political analyst explained that the president may have damaged his cause by playing the class warfare card.

“[O]bama has given up on the Republicans,” Buchanan said. “I thought he was serious when he came out with the jobs bill. I thought there were some good ideas in there. I thought he would urge Republicans to go halfway. So he comes out and it’s a Pearl Harbor attack on the Republicans. It’s class warfare.”

And as for winning the GOP over in any way — it’s not happening according to Buchanan. Instead he explained it’s campaign mode from here through Election Day 2012.

“No chance now on any real compromise,” he continued. “For 14 months it’s going through hell. He’s going to be out there campaigning when he’s the president of the United States.”