TheDC on TV: David Martosko on the GOP field after the Orlando debate

David Martosko Executive Editor
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On Canada’sSun News Network Saturday morning, Daily Caller executive editor David Martosko handicapped the GOP primary field with presenter Brian Dunstan in the wake of Thursday night’s Republican candidate debate in Orlando, Florida.

“It’s important to note that there have been some successful candidates who never entered the race until even October or November, a year before the election,” Martosko said. “So it’s definitely not too late for someone else to come in and claim the mantle of being the ‘not Romney’ candidate.”

The large number of primary debates, he said, have “given Ron Paul an unprecedented opportunity to strut his stuff and be taken seriously. In past election cycles Ron Paul has been a bit of a parlor joke … this extreme, out-there candidate that nobody wants to admit they like. But suddenly he’s become a bit more fashionable, and I think [other than Mitt Romney] he’s been the big winner in this.”


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