Cain doubles down: Obama a ‘liar’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Former Godfather’s Pizza CEO had some strong words for President Barack Obama Monday morning. Yahoo! News’ Chris Moody reported Monday morning that Cain called the commander-in-chief “a liar.” While allowing that it wasn’t necessarily the most politically correct statement he’s ever made, Cain has doubled down rather than walking it back.

Talking to Megyn Kelley Monday afternoon on the Fox News Channel’s “America Live,” Cain blasted Obama and contended that his statements about the wealthiest “paying their fair share” amounted to class warfare. Obama has claimed in recent days that it does not.

“With all due respect — political correctness is not one of my strong points — it is a lie,” Cain said. “And it is class warfare … Fifty percent of the American taxpayers pay 97 percent of the taxes. That’s not fair enough? When will it be fair? When 50 percent pay 100 percent?”

And Cain added that it was up to the media to hold Obama accountable, which he said they have failed to do.

“The mainstream media … give this president a pass on those kinds of statements,” he said. “I’m not going to give this president a pass just because he’s the president of the United States of America. The American people need to know the truth. This is what I’m talking about … It is class warfare, pure and simple, and the facts bear that out.”